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    Using viewfinder frames with pyncvlib


    I'm trying to use frames from the viewfinder with nokiacv for python.

    However, as omarfr noticed here , the frames from the viewfinder are in the format EColor16MU, while NokiaCV expects EColor16M images. I suppose that's why I'm getting nasty crashes (my code is attached below).

    Omarfr wrote a small conversion function in C to transform the images. How can I do this conversion in Python? Any suggestions? I have no knowledge of C to create extensions...


    import e32, camera, appuifw, key_codes, graphics, PyMelib, random, PyNcvLib
    from graphics import Image
    def quit():
        global app_lock
    def finder_cb(im):
        global sourceImg, sourceImgInst, imgOps, canvas, targetImg, targetImgInst
        finderBmp = im._bitmapapi()
        imgOps.CornerDetect(sourceImgInst, targetImgInst, 20, 25)
        altBmp = targetImg.Bitmap()
        altOut = Image.from_cfbsbitmap(altBmp)
    sourceImg = PyNcvLib.PyCNokiaCVImage()
    sourceImgInst = sourceImg.NewLC()
    targetImg = PyNcvLib.PyCNokiaCVImage()
    targetImgInst = targetImg.NewLC()
    imgOps = PyNcvLib.PyCImageOperations()
    canvas = appuifw.Canvas()
    appuifw.app.body = canvas
    appuifw.app.title = u"edge"
    appuifw.app.exit_key_handler = quit
    canvas = appuifw.Canvas()
    appuifw.app.body = canvas
    camera.start_finder(finder_cb, size=(240,180))
    app_lock = e32.Ao_lock()

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    Re: Using viewfinder frames with pyncvlib

    Hi Bruno,

    I am sorry to add this in this thread but I am having some problems installing PyNcvLib on my cell phone and until now couldn't find support...
    Did you also had some troubles? I am using pys60 1.9.5 on a Nokia 6210 Navigator

    Many thanks in advance

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    Re: Using viewfinder frames with pyncvlib

    I never tried to use it with 1.9, I'm not sure it works, since the modules install in a different way. Did you try using it with 1.4.5?

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