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    Bluetooth Service Discovery on a Client/Server device

    Hi All,

    I am having a problem with Bluetooth Service Discovery and I would like to know if some of you can help me with some questions I have. My application aims to send data between devices on a P2P fashion and I am stuck on it for some weeks without having any progress at all. All the information I can search on the web does not explain my questions and here they are:

    A) Is it possible to run a MIDlet that behaves both as a client and as a server? I know about all those Bluetooth problems because of being a half-duplex connectivity and I know it can be done at least in .NET CF with C#, however, I am not sure about it in J2ME and probably I cannot discover the service because of that.

    B) Is it possible to transmit data between two Bluetooth devices simply by their MAC address without performing any Service Discovery? I mean, is it possible to build your own Transport protocol in J2ME without being forced to use OBEX or Serial Port by only performing device discovery?

    C) Do you know about any simple tutorial where I can find how to register the service on the MIDlet and also how to look for this service from a Remote device? I am afraid that probably my problem is related with the Service Registration.

    Many thanks in advance

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    Sorry for not answering your questions, however, I believe some terms are not used correctly. A concrete answer to your question would confuse you even more as your written down question is not your actual question, I think.

    If you are new to J2ME, MIDlets and Bluetooth, I recommend to start with a book or tutorials rather than code examples as you will have to debug a lot on your own. There are a lot of bugs, tweaks and lessons to be learnt. Bluetooth is complicated. I do not have a good J2ME book at hand right now, however, start with the references of this one for JSR-82 (perhaps your library has its previous edition) or read at least the PDF coming with the specification. If you like to start with tutorials, continue here…

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