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    Hello everybody,
    I am an iPhone developer .I would like to port some of my games to Symbian and make them available on OVI store.
    As I can see there are 75 devices that support OVI.
    On how many devices should I test my applications? What are the most common at the moment?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Porting

    If you're only going to support touch-screen devices you're in luck - there's only two you need to test on: 5800 and N97.

    If you want to support all S60v3 and S60v5 devices (all the current Nokia ones with native API like the iPhone) try to get at least one of each hardware platform. You could also look at GetJar stats to see which devices are the most popular. IIRC it's the N73 and N95. Also, we found four devices with odd behaviors compared to the other S60 phones: E51 (audio), 6120c (audio), N81 & N76 (audio - same HW platform?), and N95-1 (graphics, buttons).

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