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    one question about TPositionModuleInfo

    I have one question about this class. In SDK it say "The standard class for storing information on position modules", but except the Get-xxx interface, it also has several Set-xxx interface.

    Does it mean some Location module's property is writable? Such as modify the Location module position quality by application developer?

    The S60 comment is really awful for there is no comment for these interfaces......................

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: one question about TPositionModuleInfo

    Of course there are setters as well, that object' data must be populated before it gets passed to you. However, I do not remember any method that would accept a modified TPositionModuleInfo as input parameter so no, from our perspective the module info is read only.
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    Re: one question about TPositionModuleInfo

    It's understandable that the module info should be read only.

    I only a little confused about that the Set-xxx (Such as SetPositionQuality(), SetTechnologyType()) also are public to application developer.

    However, I notice that S60 Location Acquisition API does not have exposed any API for application developer to set prefered QoP parameter (i.e. Horrizontal accuracy), am i right?

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