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    Question [moved] Right Click in my Carbide

    Im using carbide 3.4 from severval months ago. Spec of my laptop Dual core and 3GB of RAM. I installed N97 Plug-in but now if I "Right Click" in my carbide, it takes so slowly..... very2 slowly, sometimes my carbide was hang (error)... I can not click anything.
    But if I dont use option of "Right Click" my carbide just fine. I have to closed carbide and re-open it without "right click" option when I operating carbide.
    I somebody have solution for my carbide, please solve my problems.

    Thanks and regards,

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    Re: [moved] Right Click in my Carbide

    Unfortunately, I suffer from the same issue! :-(
    It takes even more than 30 seconds after right-clicking for Carbide before it works.
    But after that, no more slowing or hanging.

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