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    Puculiar Icon Problem....Carbide 3.4

    I am a Theme maker for Nokia.I also make Icons of my own. Earlier to use , I have my own icon sets which I made out of Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator.

    I loaded a naked TDF and then slowly imported icons one by one into the TDF files.
    Earlier to use, all my icons were properly changed and all my themes were so beautiful.

    But I have developed a new set, and I tried to import all icons one by one , But the theme is getting packed , and the sis file is also getting installed on my phone.

    But the icons are not showing there.Its blank everywhere.

    I tried to check it by importing some icons into an already existing tdf and loading and repacking. And when installed , some of the icons are shown,

    But again when I load a new tdf and replace, only for this icon set I am facing problems and the icons are not showing on the phone.

    If anyone knows this , they can put in their help.

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    Re: Puculiar Icon Problem....Carbide 3.4

    Have you tried to install the latest version of compilers?
    Here they are.

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