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    permission problem in the process of development

    hi, guys
    when I want to test my software in a real device(mobile phone), it is unable to obtain the necessary access permission in the phone because the software has not been certificated. How to solove this problem? btw, the emulator can not test the software, because of the emulator bug. In addition, the software I developed is a j2me program, and I also want to know about the c++ solution. The phone is e71x, when the software is not signed, it is in the untrust third-party domain ,and can not be given operator permission. In e71x, only the softwares in the operator domain can be given operator permission ( in installed software, select the application in question, press option -> setting, there are lots of operator permission you can change and give to the application)

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    Re: permission problem in the process of development

    you could try it out on normal E71, nearly the same device, though gotta admit that there is some differences with software. Also do check if the device is available at the RDA.

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    Re: permission problem in the process of development

    As for C++ applications, the access to some APIs/features may indeed be restricted by some capabilities but you can obtain a developer certificate to be able to test your application before certification.
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