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    Question "All positions" or "accurate positions only"

    Hi all,

    I came accross an interesting but incomplete bit of information in Location Acquisition API runtime behaviour :

    Table 1 suggests that by configuring LBS properly, one could get "all positions" (i.e. inaccurate positions), or accurate positions only.

    But it does not state how to achieve the "configuring" part, nor if it is some kind of hard coded setting.

    Could anybody shed some light on this issue, please ?


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    Re: "All positions" or "accurate positions only"

    The page says:
    "A client may set its accuracy requirements by passing a TPositionCriteria object in RPositioner::Open()."
    Are you sure that you cannot find one SDK example or a wiki page that shows you how to use TPositionCriteria? And even so, the case is not at all complicated and it is devently documented as well, just have a look at the SDK docs.
    -- Lucian

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    Re: "All positions" or "accurate positions only"

    Thank's for your reply, but I'm aware of the criteria mechanism.

    To clarify a bit, I use RPositionner::Open() with a specific module ID (A-GPS capable) because it's the fastest way to get a fix and it is mandatory to my application. But in some cases (buildings or trees nearby), I keep receiving partial updates without position informations.

    That's where the document I was refering to comes in. It says that you will receive partial updates when:
    Module returns incomplete position before request timeout
    Module returns inaccurate position before request timeout
    In that second case, whether you allow partial updates or not, the doc says:
    If LBS is configured to return all positions:

    Position is returned. TRequestStatus is KErrNone.
    So I'm trying to determine if I get incomplete or inaccurate positions. In the latter case, I'd like to get these positions even if they do not match the horizontal and vertical accuracy associated with the A-GPS module.
    Or maybe there's another way to use that module and get positions that are less accurate...

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