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    Unhappy Nokia 5800 XM serious Problem (Please help)

    I have nearly 4 GB of music files on my Nokia 5800 Memory card. when I try to play some of files there is an error coming up saying "unable to play song. file is corrupted' then I tried to play them from file manger but they are no longer exist. even it doesn't show in my memory card when I plug it in to my pc! But it does shows the used memory as earlier (4Gb). ......I have tried in many ways to solve this problem
    I have formatted my memory card, I have hard reset my phone, Reinstalled the Firmware. but nothing has worked. my firmware ver is help me

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    Re: Nokia 5800 XM serious Problem (Please help)

    You should ask this at http://www.nokia.com/discussions as the Forum Nokia Discussion Boards are for issues related to software development.

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    Re: Nokia 5800 XM serious Problem (Please help)

    Please raise ur development issues here.


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