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    Question make connection local on console??

    i want make connection locally on device(7610),,

    here's my problem,,i want to connect 2 application via socket,,that i know it should be connect via localhost on device
    and it doesn't work

    i want to listen sms
    when sms go to inbox or sent item i want send it via localhost and the other app will get it and save it

    i used console and smsHandler

    the problem is my socket connection,,i think
    because my other app won't receive it

    anyone know??

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    Re: make connection local on console??

    here my console code

    #include <es_sock.h>
    #include <in_sock.h>
    #include "SMSServer.h"
    #include <e32base.h>
    #include <e32std.h>
    #include <e32cons.h> // Console
    #include "SMSEngine.h" //sms messaging engine
    #include <msvuids.h>
    #include <msvids.h>

    _LIT(KTextConsoleTitle, "Console");
    _LIT(KTextFailed, " failed, leave code = %d");
    _LIT(KTextPressAnyKey, " [press any key]\n");
    const TMsvId KInbox = KMsvGlobalInBoxIndexEntryId;

    LOCAL_D CConsoleBase* console; // write all messages to this

    RSocketServ* iSocketServer;
    RSocket* iSocket;
    RSocket* iServiceSocket;

    TInetAddr iAddress;

    HBufC8* iBuffer;
    TRequestStatus iStatus;
    TDes8* aBuffer;

    LOCAL_C void MainL()

    TRAPD(e1, ConnectSymbianOSServer());
    if (e1){console->Write(_L("Connecting SymbianOS Server error\n"));}else{
    console->Write(_L("Connecting SymbianOS Server\n"));}
    TRAPD(e2, OpenSocket());
    if (e2){console->Write(_L("Openning Socket error\n"));}else{
    console->Write(_L("Openning Socket\n"));
    TRAPD(e3, ConnectSocket());
    if (e3){console->Write(_L("Connecting Socket errror\n"));}else{
    console->Write(_L("Connecting Socket\n"));}
    iEngine = CSmsEngine::NewL();
    iEngine->CreateLocalMessageL( KInbox,
    _L("From me"),
    _L("From me to you")


    LOCAL_C void ConnectSymbianOSServer()
    // Connect to the Symbian OS Socket Server.
    TInt err = iSocketServer->Connect();
    if (err != KErrNone && err != KErrAlreadyExists)

    LOCAL_C void OpenSocket()
    TInt err;

    // Open socket
    err = iSocket->Open(*iSocketServer, KAfInet, KSockDatagram,KProtocolInetUdp);

    if (err != KErrNone && err != KErrAlreadyExists)

    LOCAL_C void ConnectSocket()
    TUint KTestPort=8100;
    TInetAddr addr(KInetAddrLoop, KTestPort);

    LOCAL_C void Write( TUint chargeLevel )
    if( iBuffer )
    delete iBuffer;
    iBuffer = NULL;


    TRAPD( err, iBuffer = aBuffer->AllocL() );
    iSocket->Write(*aBuffer, iStatus);

    LOCAL_C void DoStartL()
    CActiveScheduler* scheduler = new (ELeave) CActiveScheduler();


    GLDEF_C TInt E32Main()
    CTrapCleanup* cleanup = CTrapCleanup::New();
    iSocketServer = new (ELeave) RSocketServ;
    iSocket = new (ELeave) RSocket;
    TRAPD(createError, console = Console::NewL(KTextConsoleTitle, TSize(
    KConsFullScreen, KConsFullScreen)));
    if (createError)
    return createError;
    TRAPD(mainError, DoStartL());
    if (mainError)
    console->Printf(KTextFailed, mainError);

    delete console;
    delete cleanup;
    return KErrNone;

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    Re: make connection local on console??

    You should check existing socket-related examples, as I remember there is Series60Ex\Socket in the S60 2nd edition SDK-s.
    A first-glance problem is that if you use UDP, you should use SendTo and RecvFrom. And you use mis-leading naming conventions, and your code is neither an active object, nor a blocking one. Though it may still work for a single shot.

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