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    Who knows the Location Listener's lifecycle in details?

    hi All, i'm writeng a MIDlet using the location API (JSR 179). i registered a location listener to the location provider i got. when location changed, i could get notification. the device i use is running S60 3rd edition.

    but i wanna know the exact lifecycle of the listener, especially when the phone gets to standby, will the listener go sleeping? and, when the phone is standing by, could the listener get any notification when location moved? if can't, is there any way to perform that? i mean, is there any way, make a thread/listener/process running, and it could get location every minutes, even if the phone is standing by.

    thank you.

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    Re: Who knows the Location Listener's lifecycle in details?

    well you do have a locationUpdated() method, if you just would write the time and the location on a Form every time the aforementioned method gets called, then you could start up your app, let it get a GPS fix, and afterwards just let the phone do it's stuff for like an hour... The phone will get into power safe mode and afterwards you can see if any location's were written on the Form...
    My experience though is that even when the phone get's in power safing mode (grey screen) it will still continue to get GPS fixes (tested on N95)...

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