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    Question JSR 180 Java API for SIP?

    There has been some confusion on whether N97 (S60 5 ed) has VoIP and SIP
    As I understand it from reading this forum N97 has SIP but not a VoIP client.
    VoIP is not mentioned anywhere but neither is JSR-180.
    My question is does the N97 have JSR-180?

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    Re: JSR 180 Java API for SIP?

    I am also interested in knowing that, but the only webpage I found that explicitly states JSR-180 is present in N97 is this: http://www.topwords.ua/catalogue_mob...kia/nokia_n97/

    Do you know how to verify it?

    __UPDATE__ Please ignore this post; later I learned that the answer is a NO (posted in the next comment).
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    Re: JSR 180 Java API for SIP?

    Bad news: the answer is "no" : http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/N97

    Click the "API" section on that page. To my understanding it's not for the serie (N97), but rather for the SDK version (S60 SDK 5th editiion) that comes with no support for SIP application development.

    I fail to understand: S60 SDK 3rd edition does come with that support..., so how come the 5th edition which is supposed to be better and more complete doesn't have it???

    Here's the proof of "no SIP SDK in 5th":
    - http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n...ase_Notes.html
    - http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n...ase_Notes.html

    __UPDATE__ You can find the rationale (of Nokia) for removing JSR-180 in the 5th edition here: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=155377

    I guess for now we're stuck with Symbian API for developing SIP client for S60 5th ed.: http://library.forum.nokia.com/topic...SIP/index.html

    Question to Nokia: any plan to provide implementation of JSR-180 (in N97, or SDK 5th for that matter) in the upcoming firmware update (of N97)? Please....



    __Update__ I was wondering if assuming there will be such thing as "S60 SDK 5th feature pack 1" that contains the JSR 180 implementation, will we be able to upgrade our N97 with that? I googled and found this: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=167981 . Basically, at least for the SDK 3rd case, it was not possible to upgrade from FP 1 to FP 2 (wow). Will Nokia repeat that in the 5th edition (I surely hope not... ). Arrgh....

    __Update__ Alright, I just installed S60 N97 SDK and read the documentation, I found inconsistencies:
    (a) Java Documentation > Java Implementation Notes > (JSR-180) SIP API > Device support > says: This API is compatible with S60 5th Edition compliant devices.
    (b) Java Documentation > Java Implementation Notes > (JSR-180) SIP API > Changes between releases > says: Support for this API was removed from S60 5th Edition and later devices.

    ????? Documentation bug? Worse, in (b) it says "... and later devices ...". What was that suppose to mean? No possibility whatsoever for JSR 180 to be added to upcoming updates of 5th edition???

    Ok, fine, most likely most normal users wouldn't update their N97 just to get JSR 180 on their phone (what do they care). When it's not shipped with it, it's not shipped. Not there. Period. So, practically we can forget about mass deployment of SIP-based application written in Java for N97.

    But, even if that's the case, I as a developer who want to make the best use of his/her $$$ device, would like to have that JSR 180 in N97, to develop app, demo apps, proof of concepts, etc. Please Nokia, __at_least__ make it possible for us, SDE, to develop apps for N97 in java that takes advantage of JSR 180....
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