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    Unable to edit QT pro files in carbide


    Anyone faced this problem? Carbide Build v200906301330_142 doesn't allow to edit the QT project files in text mode, how ever i am able to add and remove different configuration variable in wizard kind of mode('wizard mode' term may not be correct to use, what i meant is when *.pro file is opened in carbide using QT project file editor two tabs appear in main carbide window one is wizard kind of mode other is just a plain text, here i am not able to edit pro file in text mode).

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks much!

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    Re: Unable to edit QT pro files in carbide

    Right click on the *.pro file and select Open With -> Text Editor
    -- Lucian

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    Re: Unable to edit QT pro files in carbide

    Right click on a .pro file, then select open with -> Other. Click Internal Editors radio button, then look for QT Project Editor. Select the item, then click OK.

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