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    Video capture on the 3650 in Java

    We are developing an imaging application for the 3650. However we are having difficulty even getting the code example provided in the document "Camera MIDlet: A Modile Media API Example" to work on the actual phone.

    It appears to fail on the call to "Manager.createPlayer("capture://video");

    No exception (or even throwable) object is thrown, it just seems to exit the application immediately. Have we missed something obvious or could there be a problem with the API on our handset?

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    I have tried the example on a 3650 (SW v2.50) and it works fine.

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    I heard that MMAPI does not support video/audio capture. But it seems that it can do video capture. Is there any magic MIDlet API to capture audio on 3650 as well?


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    Taking Snapshots problem...


    Here is my questions :

    1. i did tried the example in document"Camera MIDlet: A Mobile Media API Example " on 3650's emulator, but it throws MirrorProtocol: can't read int[] and EOFException when i i'm trying to pass "png" or null format to getsnapshot() method.

    2. "Camera" folder how can i deal with it!! as i'm trying on an emulator not a real phone..
    i tried to change images placed in this folder since installing the emulator, but it keeps displaying the same default images although i remove them from the folder even renameing "camera" folder itself.

    3. there isn't a way to capture from the camera's device..


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