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    the deference of Basic Console Application (Exe) and Open C/C++ on the Carbide C/C++

    Dear all,

    I have some question about Carbide C/C++

    1. What is the deference of Basic Console Application (Exe) and Open C/C++ on the Carbide C/C++?

    2. How about are the manager memory or Basic Console Application (EXE) and Open C/C++?

    3. I have a program. It can run on Basic Console Application (EXE) but I copy all class to Open C/C++. It is occurrence, when I run program on Open C/C++.

    Thanks for your support!

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    Re: the deference of Basic Console Application (Exe) and Open C/C++ on the Carbide C/

    Carbide.c++ is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), some kind of clever text editor.
    C and C++ are programming languages.

    "Basic Console Application" uses the native API-s of the Symbian operating system, it is often referred as Symbian C++. Just create such code, and you will see that although it is C++, it differs from the simple C/C++-style Hello World.

    And that is the point where the OpenC/C++ plugin comes into the picture: if you generate such application, you will see something that uses standard C/C++, without magical API-s from Symbian.

    In Symbian C++ you are expected to handle memory according to the Symbian-way, something that you have to learn before using. It is documented in the SDK, "Symbian OS vx.y » Symbian OS guide » Essential idioms" is the related reading.

    When using OpenC/C++ you can use the Symbian C++ way (because it is still there in the background), but you are rather expected to use the standard C/C++ way, because the aim of OpenC/C++ is to support using portable, often open source code, which is usually expected to remain portable (if you introduce Symbian-specific memory management patterns, portability will be gone).
    Actually memory management in standard C/C++ environment is also something that has to be learnt first, many people simply leak memory, because many/most computing environments do not complain about that.

    Since OpenC/C++ code still runs in Symbian environment, copying code from native Symbian project is supposed to work.

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