This is about the Smart Messaging (SM) support, I've already seen similar questions but none answered.

I would like to make use of the SM 3.0 features for the Internet Access Configuration.
More precisely, its Extended configuration syntax <extended-configuration-info> is something I need.

The document available from http://sw.nokia.com/id/7c3c318d-f20f...es_v2_0_en.pdf looks pretty useful, but also slightly outdated.

- Is Smart Messaging still supported in the new S40/60 phones --> devices edition 3.x, 5.x or 6?
All device specifications advertise messaging support only as SMS, MMS+SMIL, IM (but withough mentioning SM).

- Is Smart Messaging by default incorporated with the SMS? If, so in which extent is it, full 3.0 feature set or some partial chunks?

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