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    Creating standalone application for 3rd edition

    Hi all,
    I am trying to create a sis file for my python script to run on 3rd edition phone. I am using ensymble tool. I am able to create the sis file succesfully. I am using the following command
    python ensymble_python.py py2sis --uid=0xExxxxxxx
    --icon=myicon.svg --appname="MyApp"  --shortcaption="My App."
    --caption="My Application" myapp.py
    But I have one problem.

    1) I am using certain icons from an mbm file which should get installed in "!:\resource\apps\" path
    2) I want to install some jpg images in "C:\private\EXXXXXX\" which i will use in my application.

    I want to know how I can include them in my sis file.

    thanks and regards,

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    Re: Creating standalone application for 3rd edition

    hello kumar_sai123

    you can use the extrasdir option of ensymble for the problems you have mentioned. Please go through the ensymble documentation for more details.


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    Re: Creating standalone application for 3rd edition


    For putting the MBM file in \resource\apps\: normally you should be able to use the --extrasdir option when using the py2sis method. Or you can create a SIS file containing only the images (with the appropriate directory structure) using the simplesis method and merge it with your app using the mergesis method.

    You can find a lot of info about this in the Ensymble documentation.

    For putting the images in C:\private\EXXXXXX\: name your script default.py and put it in a directory called myapp (or whatever you want to call it). Put the image files here too. Then call py2sis on that directory:
    python ensymble_python.py py2sis --uid=0xExxxxxxx
    --icon=myicon.svg --appname="MyApp"  --shortcaption="My App."
    --caption="My Application" myapp
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