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    E66: Problem receiving call from user on the same wlan


    I'm using the Nokia E66 VoIP client, firmware version 300.21.012. For testing I have created two gizmo5 accounts, one configured on the phone, the other on my laptop. The currious thing is this:

    Setting the phone to connect via 3G, I have no problem calling from laptop to phone and from phone to laptop. Things work.

    Setting the phone to connect via the same WLAN as the laptop, I can call from the phone to the laptop, but I cannot call from my laptop to the phone.

    I assume this is likely some problem due to NAT, but I can't figure out in which end the problem is. My network is like this:

    Nokia ))  -+
               +--- Access Point -- Firewall (NAT) -- DSL router (NAT) --- (Internet) 
    Laptop )) -+
    How can I identify the problem? I can ofcourse sniff on the firewall, but I don't speak SIP.

    Thanks, Erik

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    Re: E66: Problem receiving call from user on the same wlan

    NAT device will close the port after certain time period. Keep alive mechanism is required to keep the port open. Just check whether Gizmo sends keep alive packet or not. This can be verified by sniffing and checking the periodic packets.

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