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    Unhappy Help! Writing file error

    I am running a small script on N95 which periodically write accelerometer and gps data to a file. I open the file at the beginning of the program and close it when it exits. But I have recurrent errors like this:

    Normally,data in the file will look like:


    but when I run the script for random several hours, at some point, the program crashes and I look into the file and see


    apparently the writing the whole list is abrupted but I don't know what can cause this. I've had this problem for several days and it's really driving me crazy.

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    Re: Help! Writing file error

    Perhaps it would help if you posted the code.
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    Re: Help! Writing file error

    Very sorry that the code is now inside a 600-line script...The following is the portion where I write to the file intensively. It happens every 40 seconds.

    print >> f, time.ctime()
    print >> f, "gps"
    print >> f, gps_set

    print >> f, "length of sound_set"
    print >> f, len(sound_set)

    print >> f, "light"
    print >> f, light_set

    print >> f, "message"
    print >> f, message

    print >> f, "feeling"
    print >> f, feeling


    print >> f, "accelerometer"
    print >> f, acceler_set

    print >> f, "\n"

    currently I just dump lots of data into the file. The middle part just tries to close the tilt sensor connection to a callback function which update the _acceler_set, make a copy of this set,empty _acceler_set and reconnect. From the file it seems that problem happens at "print >> f, acceler_set".

    One thing is I just leave file "f" on for hours no matter when the program writes to it or does something else. Does it have any safety implications?

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