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    Access phonebook info from WAP application

    I would like to know how (if it is possible), a WAP application can access the stored phonebook information from a mobile phone. I use an application on my PC that communicates via the IR port to read the phonebook and place it in an application on my PC, so surely it must be possible to access this information from a WAP application. Phil

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    You can use WTAI public library to do that (see http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,35...00.html#phones

    and 'Nokia_GSM_WAP_Phone_Characteristics_v1_0.pdf' to find out the phones supporting this feature).

    For more information about WTAI please see e.g.


    and 'WAP_Service_Dev_Guide_Nokia_Series_40_XHTML_v1_1.pdf'.
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