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    Python_1.9.6.sis installation problem

    I am trying to install Python 1.9.6 on a Nokia 6210 Navigator.
    If I install The runtime 'Python_1.9.6.sis' I get an error message that its unsigned and unsafe...
    If I submit 'Python_1.9.6.sis' at 'symbia signed' that does not work either. The error message is 'Submitted .sis file uses a UID that is not allocated to the account holder matching this email address (0x20022ee8 )'

    I believe I need either an unsigned version or a correctly signed version of 'Python_1.9.6.sis'

    Does anybody know where I could get it? or I am I doing something else wrong..

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    Re: Python_1.9.6.sis installation problem

    Just to clarify, did you try Python_1.9.6.sis or Python_1.9.6_fixed.sis? You should try the fixed one, and please make sure your phone's firmware is up to date.

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    Re: Python_1.9.6.sis installation problem

    Thanks... that got it installed... I am having trouble getting the Bluetooth Console but I wlll start another thread...

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