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    N85 freezes after setting sip Voip

    My N85 RM-334 NAM freezes when I set up my Localphone SIP account via Nokia S60 VoIP Release 3.0 . I have double checked all the profile settings as far as I know but when I activate the service the phone freezes and is rendered unusable.

    I managed to make one call with with a very bad connection but the phone began to freeze afterwards. After rebooting the phone was practically useless for any application. Hard reset didn't help either.

    The only thing that made my phone recover was deleting the SIP profile.

    Is there any setup that would help me to use SIP Voip without resorting to Fring, Nimbuzz, etc?



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    Re: N85 freezes after setting sip Voip

    hello kapital

    this is a developers discussion board so you are in the wrong place. Please post your queries at http://www.nokia.com/discussions for specific product based queries.


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