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    Thumbs down S60 5th Ed. (N97) and copy/paste

    I received my N97 today and was well chuffed (i.e. happy).

    Until now I had a SE 990i, which served its purpose and was showing it's age (web interaction to be more precise).

    So now, as I said, I have a brand spanking new N97 and I'm ready to rock & roll ....

    Yeah, right ...

    My initial impressions compared to my "4 year old SE 990i":

    1) Mail accounts: I have 6-7 mail accounts (mixed between private and business and a couple of aspects) and my new N97 says that I can only automatically retrieve from 2 accounts ? (Limit reached or something for the 3rd account). Nokia, do you really think that people are limited to 1 business + 1 private account ?

    On my old phone I can add and update/load status of just about as many accounts as I configure.

    2) Configuring the above accounts:

    No option to copy/paste anything in the configure N97 Mail fields (sync mail, same userid, same password for IMAP & SMTP) stuff. I swear, it would have been awesome *IF* I could have copy/pasted at least the domain name, but funnily enough, the input fields have no "Option > Edit > Copy/Paste", so I had a load of fun with the keyboard re-entering what I had done before (many times).

    3) Copy paste from a text file

    Yeah, right, this is where it gets really stupid.

    Consider a simple text file with a few user IDs + passwords, ready to copy/paste from "mydata.txt".

    You open "mydata.txt" , get some kind of "Office warning" (its not like its a winword file) and can't select anything to paste (in to the above mentioned missing option) anywhere ....

    Its a simple text file for gods sake, and the contents have things like a 20 character LAN access key.

    After about 8 hours of N97, I think that for a professional user, there are a few things that HAVE to be sorted out.

    Not being able to copy/paste as an application independent option for every input field (for selected text) being a prime candidate.

    Your faithfully,


    A very new (and very disappointed) N97 owner.

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    Re: S60 5th Ed. (N97) and copy/paste

    Welcome to the Forum Nokia Developer discussion board, as this DiBo concentrates on development related issues, you might find more end-user problems related Dibo better suited for your query. Here's link for one: http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/

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    Re: S60 5th Ed. (N97) and copy/paste

    Here, here, I agree. Like my N97, certainly dont love it. Fix the cut copy pase and do it really conveniently. Hotkeys, easy way to select text, as in select on, select off, c-c-p across applications...etc.

    Its not difficult but its near essential.

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