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    Global confirmation query during incoming/outgoing call


    I'm trying to display some information about an incoming or outgoing call while the phone is ringing (either side), I'm monitoring the events correctly, so no problem there, but what happens at the moment is that the soft keys don't work and I can't get rid of the confirmation query.

    Here is some code that I'm using:

    	RWindowGroup &rwg= CEikonEnv::Static()->RootWin();
    	rwg.SetOrdinalPosition(0, 2000);
    	TApaTask task(CEikonEnv::Static()->WsSession());
    	iGlobalConfirmationQuery = CAknGlobalConfirmationQuery::NewL();
    	TRequestStatus aStatus;
    	iGlobalConfirmationQuery->ShowConfirmationQueryL(aStatus, aText, 0, 0, KNullDesC, 0, 0, CAknQueryDialog::ENoTone, EFalse);
    	if(aStatus.Int() == 3005)
    		return 1;
    		return 0;
    I'm looking for two possible solutions and any help would be appreciated.

    Plan A: Fix the soft keys, the only way to get rid of the display at the moment is to end the call.

    Plan B: The confirmation query isn't absolutely necessary, it implements a feature that is a mere novelty, the important part is to display the information, so something like a global information note could also be used, the problem is I don't want it to just flash and go away, there needs to be a chance for the user to actually read the information.

    A problem I might have with Plan A is that the information would become too much to display, considering that I'd also be asking a question, is there a way to add more information or would the box adapt? This is obviously not the main concern, the main concern is to get it actually working.

    Problem with Plan B is I can't get an information note to display longer, it flashes for less than a second and disappears.

    Please advise any experts out there.



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    Re: Global confirmation query during incoming/outgoing call

    Forgot to mention, using S60 5th Edition. Tested on Nokia N95 and N97. I'm surprised to actually found it working on the N95 considering it doesn't run 5th Edition. On the N97 I'm getting a warning that the software is not compatible with the phone when installing, rather awkward, but not too serious.

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    Re: Global confirmation query during incoming/outgoing call

    tou could maybe search a bit on this forum for oincoming calls, plenty of discussion threads should be there with some helpful answers. Anyway the magic is to bring a window on top of the old one, and just give it higher window priority than the incoming call buble has..

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