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    other .java file

    i've to include a library named

    in my midlet...
    how can i do that? where shall i put the .java files of that library?
    have to add them in a single .jar files?
    this java files are from a network operator, they aren't documented well.i want to know if i have to put this files in a specific folder!
    i'm using JBuilder...
    thanks a lot
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    Copy the whole library to the /src under your JBuilder project directory. Don't change the sructure of the library, which means simply copy the com directory to the /src, then you can implement and use this library in your code same as the standard java libraries. (import com.x.x.x)

    If you only use certain classes in the library, then only copy the files you need to /src, which will reduce the size of the jar file.

    The library as well as your code will be compiled and packaged in the jar file.


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