Hi ti everybody, i'm Italian so sorry for my english, i'll try to do the best that i can!

The N97 browser has two important bugs:

1) I cannot see embedded video content, but just a blue border around the area where the video player shoud be (example on this page: http://www.telefonino.net/Nokia/Vide...Nokia-N97.html ).

Sometimes (just a couple of times since i bought my n97) the browser displaied me the videos correctly, but i couldn't understand why (i did nothing special at that time: no settings, no upgrades, etc.). When i restarted the browser i couldn't see the videos anymore.

2) N97 browser cannot display iframes contents properly: you can check this if you visit http://www.spifinestre.it/pagina12_prodotti.html : there should be a flash banner on the right part of the screen, under the header of the site. The banner should be displaied inside a iframe (i know that 'cause i made that website) but you can see it only while moving the zoom in and out: when you stop moving the zoom bar the banner will disappear.

If you check this webpage http://www.spifinestre.it/contenuti/isolwood/index.html you will see the flash banner correctly: this is the webpage that represent the content of the iframe, so you have problems only if ths content is displaied into another webpage (using fre iframe tag).

I hope the problem will be fixed ad soon as possible. Anyway, if you can sugest a solution, plesase let me know.