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    Skin list highlight problem (WSERV 7)


    I try to get the skin bitmap for the list highlight and draw it..
    But I get WSERV 7 (Invalid bitmap) when I try.
    I do get a pointer returned by GetCachedBitmap.
    Anyone have any idea what I'm missing?

    void CMyListItemDrawer::DrawActualItem(TInt aItemIndex, const TRect& aActualItemRect,
            TBool aItemIsCurrent, TBool aViewIsEmphasized, TBool aViewIsDimmed, 
            TBool aItemIsSelected) const
        	MAknsSkinInstance* skin = AknsUtils::SkinInstance();
        	MAknsControlContext* cc = AknsDrawUtils::ControlContext( &iListBox ); 
        	AknsDrawUtils::Background(skin,cc,&iListBox,*iGc,aActualItemRect);  //skin background works fine.
        	///// draw highlight 
        	if(aItemIsSelected || aItemIsCurrent)
        		CFbsBitmap* hlc = AknsUtils::GetCachedBitmap(skin,KAknsIIDQsnFrListCenter); //non-NULL pointer is returned here.
        		iGc->DrawBitmap(aActualItemRect, hlc); //without this line, no wserv 7 panic
        	CFbsBitmap* bmp = (*iListBox.iIcons)[aItemIndex]->Bitmap();
        	CFbsBitmap* mask = (*iListBox.iIcons)[aItemIndex]->Mask();
        	TPoint pos( aActualItemRect.iTl.iX + aActualItemRect.Width()/8, aActualItemRect.iTl.iY + aActualItemRect.Height()/2 - bmp->SizeInPixels().iHeight/2); 
        	iGc->BitBltMasked(pos, bmp, TRect(TPoint(0,0), bmp->SizeInPixels()), mask, EFalse);

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    Re: Skin list highlight problem (WSERV 7)

    Try to replace
    CFbsBitmap* hlc = AknsUtils::GetCachedBitmap(skin,KAknsIIDQsnFrListCenter);
    iGc->DrawBitmap(aActualItemRect, hlc);
    TRect outer = aActualItemRect;
    TRect inner = outer;
    AknsDrawUtils::DrawFrame(skin, *iGc, outer, inner, KAknsIIDQsnFrList, KAknsIIDQsnFrListCenter);

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    Re: Skin list highlight problem (WSERV 7)


    I just tried that, found it in this thread: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=121827

    Works now.

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