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    PIM UID field assigned manually (Series40)

    Hi all!
    Does anybody know if it is possible to assign UID field manually via PIM API (JSR-75)? Because when I create contact via javax.microedition.pim.ContactList.createContact() and then call javax.microedition.pim.Contact.commit() the UID seem to be assigned automatically. But I'd like to assign different value.
    I've tried to set UID field value before Contact.commit(), however phone seems to ignore it and sets it's own, automatically generated UID. Of course it's not possible to change UID field after it was committed.

    I've also noticed, that on Series40 (don't know how it works for different families) UIDs are reused. So if you have contacts (UID field value is in brackets) in your phonebook:

    A(1), B(2), C(3), D(4)

    delete A and B, and add E and F, you phonebook will look as follows:

    C(3), D(4), E(1), F(2) - so UID is reused.

    I suppose that there is no way to turn of this "reusability".

    Thanks in advance for answers.

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    Re: PIM UID field assigned manually (Series40)

    Yes u r right.The behaviour of phone u r seeing that can't be changed.


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    Re: PIM UID field assigned manually (Series40)

    No, You can not assign UID manually they are auto assigned when you commit a contact item to PIM.

    As per Nokia PIM API documentation:

    public interface Contact extends PIMItem

    public static final int UID:
    Field specifying a unique ID for a Contact. This field can be used to check for identity using String.equals. UID is read only if the Contact has been committed to a ContactList at least once in its lifetime. The UID is not set if the Contact has never been committed to a ContactList; countValues(UID) returns 0 before a newly created Contact object is committed to its list. The attribute is valid for the persistent life of the Contact and may be reused by the platform once this particular Contact is deleted. Data for this field is of String data type.


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