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    Question How to Play sound to other end while answering a call?

    Hi all,

    I have written the following code:

    #coding: utf-8
    import telephone,audio,e32,appuifw
    app_lock = e32.Ao_lock()
    def quit():
    appuifw.app.exit_key_handler = quit
    appuifw.app.title = u"电话测试"
    CALL_STATE = {telephone.EStatusUnknown:          u"unknown",
                  telephone.EStatusIdle:             u"空闲",
                  telephone.EStatusDialling:         u"拨号中",
                  telephone.EStatusRinging:          u"响铃中",
                  telephone.EStatusAnswering:        u"应答中",
                  telephone.EStatusConnecting:       u"呼叫中",
                  telephone.EStatusConnected:        u"已经连线",
                  telephone.EStatusReconnectPending: u"reconnect pending",
                  telephone.EStatusDisconnecting:    u"断线",
                  telephone.EStatusHold:             u"保持",
                  telephone.EStatusTransferring:     u"呼叫转移中",
                  telephone.EStatusTransferAlerting: u"transfer alerting"};
    sound = audio.Sound.open("E:\\Sounds\\Digital\\Plain.mp3")
    def play_sound():
        sound.play() # I got error on this line
    def handle_call(tuple):
        status = tuple[0]
        print u"当前状态:"+CALL_STATE[status]
        if status == telephone.EStatusRinging:
            print u"来电话啦!接啦!"
        elif status == telephone.EStatusConnected:
            #audio.say(u"Hello, Goodbye")
    I want to automatically answer incoming calls and play sound to the other end. but I got an error :

    [Error -21] Error Playing file : KErrAccessDenied.
    I then tried to open signed my sis file , but the error remains. So why ?

    I use N82, the s60 version is 31.1.016, and the mp3 file absolutely exists. I can play it using the following code:
    #coding: utf-8
    import audio
    s = audio.Sound.open("E:\\Sounds\\Digital\\Plain.mp3")
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