Hi everybody,

I tried all day long to gather information about the publising process of the OVI store.
Can you tell me if i missed something cause I am afraid I did !

So to publish on the OVI store you need:

step 1: to have a publisher account (costs 50€)

step 2: wait for the account to be activated by Nokia (how many days does it take ? i hear "serveral but if you have some feedbacks it will be nice !)

step 3: use Easy Self Service Tool to upload the content on OVI (you will have to choose the category, the price).
If the content is a Java or Symbian application it must be Signed & verified.

I'm sure there is something missing please tell me !

Besides I'm still looking for the followings information:

- do you need to submit your application to the OVI store and wait for Nokia to validate it (as it goes for the app store & microsoft marketplace)?

- If yes do you have to pay something for that submission process ?

- How long does it last to submit your application ?

- Once validate (in the case that a validation is required) ,how low does it last to publish the application?

Thank you for your help.