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    5800 XpressMusic: Capture camera pictures for barcode reading

    The question relates to the target: Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, technology: Java
    This is my use case:
    I want to capture stills from the phone camera to scan barcodes. I have successfully used JSR135 to capture a still image using getSnapshot() on the VideoControl interface. So far so good, however this gives me a 640x480 image, which may be too low for the barcode detection algorithm. Also, I need to set focus to macro. EDIT: The focusing part is the most important, I can read the barcode from 640x480 if lighting is good and focus is crystal sharp, which it is not because it is set to infinity by default.
    In other words, I need the JSR234 CameraControl and FocusControl interfaces. But when I try to acquire them, the getControl() returns null. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a known bug? According to specs, JSR234 is supported on the device (my test device has FW v 21.0.025). I also compared with another phone (Nokia 6300) which does not have JSR234, and in that case it gives a ClassNotFoundException.

    My question is thus:
    1. Is CameraControl/FocusControl known to have problems? If so, is there a workaround?
    2. If that method is FUBAR, is there any "best practice" on how to read barcodes on this device (5800 XpressMusic)?

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    Re: 5800 XpressMusic: Capture camera pictures for barcode reading

    Camera controls (including FocusControl) are not implemented on S60 devices. The supported controls are for audio.


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