dime = self.sPyCNokiaCVImage1.Size()
width ,height = dime

aResult = 0
self.PyCPixelAccess = PyNcvLib.PyCPixelAccess()

aResult = self.PyCPixelAccess.Image_NewLC(self.sNokiaCVImage1)
for aY in range(1,height):
for aX in range(1,width):
aResult = self.PyCPixelAccess.GetRGB(aX,aY)
aR , aG , aB = aResult
self.PyCPixelColorModel = PyNcvLib.PyCPixelColorModel(aR, aG, aB)
aresult = self.PyCPixelColorModel.Gray()
self.tNokiaCVImage1,[aX,aY] = aresult

self.sNokiaCVImage2 =self.tNokiaCVImage1
self.PyCImageOperations.EdgeDetect(self.sNokiaCVImage2, self.tNokiaCVImage2, 4)
self.display_image = self.target_image2

sPyCNokiaCVImage1 takes RGB color image.This code coverts RGB to gray, then finds the edge detection of gray scale image. Once the gray value for particular RGB is found, m facing problem in putting that value in another image object so that I can use that to find edge detection.
Type error:unpack non sequence. It is showing this error in this line of code:
self.tNokiaCVImage1,[aX,aY] = aresult

What should I do ?