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    Question Need Help with EAP-PEAP settings on S60 3rd PF1

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble with setting up EAP-PEAP on both N95 and E63, someone please help.

    Here are the settings requirements posted online for
    winxp: http://www.uwo.ca/its/doc/hdi/wirele...orWindows.html
    iphone: http://www.uwo.ca/its/doc/hdi/wireless/3G-iPhone.htm
    mac: http://www.uwo.ca/its/doc/hdi/wirele...rev2onmac.html

    they all look smooth and easy, but I can't figure out a way to set it up with either n95-8G or E63
    Here is the settings I have tried:

    Main page:
    Connection name: uwosecure-v2
    Data bearer: Wireless Lan
    Wlan netw.name: uwosecure-v2
    Network status: Public
    WLAN netw. mode: Infrastructure
    WLAN secuirty mode: WPA/WPA2 (tried 802.1x, no luck)

    WLAN security settings:
    WPA/WPA2 : EAP
    WPA2 only mode: on/off

    EAP plug-in settings:
    1. EAP-PEAP checked
    2. EAP-AKA unchecked
    3. ............
    4. ............

    EAP-PEAP Settings:
    Personal certificate: not defined
    Authority certificate: Thawte Premium Serve...
    User name in use: user defined
    user name: [myusername]
    realm in use: User defined
    Realm: *.uwo.ca
    Allow PEAPv0: YES
    Allow PEAPv1: YES
    Allow PEAPv2: YES

    1. EAP-MSCHAPv2 checked
    (others unchecked)

    Cipher: all checked

    when I attempt to connect, it always say "authentication failed" or "WLAN not available" or "EAP-SIM authantication failed" (what ^&%$% i've never enabled that).

    one thing I noticed when I was setting up winxp was that at the end of the setting up, I have to click "ok" to accept the certificate. but nothing popped up in N95 or E63.

    thanks you in advance
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