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    Question Which PyS60 version(s) to use to have my app run on as many S60 phones as possible?


    I'm developing an app for the 3rd world, where they use many older S60 phones, and it would be likely to encounter S60 1st edition (e.g. Nokia 3600, 7650 etc). I also need my app to run on the newer phones with latest S60.

    I'm not using fancy stuff, just need a basic UI, plus the Messaging and Inbox APIs, plus maybe others.

    What version(s) of the PyS60 SDK should I write for to achieve this, please? e.g. if I write to 1.9.5 I assume that's not going to work on S60 1st Ed phones. That said, I do of course want to use the latest SDK I can if possible.
    Or do I need to write against different SDKs for the different S60 versions?

    I realise users need to have the right .SIS version for their phone of course.

    Where possible I'd like to package the app into a single install file. Anyone know what the earliest S60 version I can do this on please? e.g. possible on S60 1st ed, S60 2nd ed FP 1, etc?

    Many thanks for any info!
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    Re: Which PyS60 version(s) to use to have my app run on as many S60 phones as possibl


    I'd recommend having at least 2 emulators (one for 1st Edition and one for 2nd), each with the appropriate PyS60 SDK. For 1st Edition you should use 1.3.1. For the later Editions use 1.4.5 as 1.9.x is only for 3rd Edition onwards. The requirements you mentioned are achievable with 1.4.5 as far as I can tell.

    As for packaging, 1st and 2nd Edition information is available here:

    For 3rd Edition and later you can use Ensymble (with detailed documentation here).
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    Re: Which PyS60 version(s) to use to have my app run on as many S60 phones as possibl

    hello alexkerr

    AFAIK PyS60 is available from S60 2nd edition devices only and 2nd edition devices are supported upto the PyS60 1.4.5, the recent PyS60 1.9.x releases dont have support for the 2nd edition devices.

    Now you can develop an application in PyS60 1.4.5 and compile it differently for different S60 versions i feel this will be the best option for you.

    If you need some more details please feel free to post here.


    EDIT: Oh i was unaware of PyS60 1.3.1 for S60 1st edition thanks bogdan for letting me know this

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