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    appication comaptibility

    I was wondering if all Nokia java games and apps are compatible with Motorola T720i or other phones. And can the Nokia SDK for Java be Used with that motorola.

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    If MIDlet is developer using only Standard, General MIDP 1.0 spesification, then MIDlet is compatible.

    But if Device spesific API's is used, for example Nokia UI API,
    then MIDLet is not working IF MIDlet is not developed in a way that first the MIDlet asks what APIs are supported and then if Certain API exist it can be used, else, MIDlet is using Standard APIs. (See nokia Examples).

    To making compatible MIDlets it is good way to avoid using
    hard coded values when placing graphics into canvas, insted asking fist (in the begining) the size of the screen and then locating objects into screen based on these values is good way.

    With High Level UI components MIDlets functionality remains quite same.

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