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    WRT and jQuery UI

    It seems that although many people do use jQuery for WRT widgets, not many try to user jQuery-ui. I find that jQuery UI adds really nice ui elements to widgets such as tabs and accordion in the simplest way possible.

    Have a look at my short example: http://mobiledevworld.com/2009/07/24...ith-jquery-ui/


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    Re: WRT and jQuery UI

    Have you tried that on E71 or any olde device, I didn't get my Tabs working on E71, but they did indeed work on N97, thus if you use 3rd party stuff, it is better to teast with older devices also to make sure that they do work correctly..

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    Re: WRT and jQuery UI


    it's because jQuery has some features that it doesn't work well at S60 3ed. Feature pack 1 or 2. For example: append, prepend, insertBefore, insertAfter...maybe it's impossible to use some jquery UI features. Actually, you can fixed these bugs.
    Javier Zambrano Ferreira

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