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    5800 XM opens local HTML files in browser as copy with broken links

    Hey guys,

    I have stored some html files on my 5800 XM phone (S60 5th). When I open a html file from file manager the internet browser shows the html file without pictures and the links don't work, too. I've looked at the page info and it shows "file:///C:/system/temp/Attachment.html" as url but should be something like this "file:///E:/documents/index.html".

    It seems like the file manager stores a copy of the original file into "C:/system/temp/Attachment.html" and then opens in browser. The problem is that no links and pictures are working. I tried the same with an other file manager (Y-Browser) and the result is the same :-(

    When I open the file by typing the correct local url "file:///E:/.../index.html" into the browser all works fine. But it's very inconvenient.

    On my S60 3rd Edition phone all works how it should.

    How can I get the browser/filemanager to open the real file and not a copy? Hope anybody could help me.

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    Re: 5800 XM opens local HTML files in browser as copy with broken links

    You can either use the mobile web server or pack your html-page together with images into a WRT widget.

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