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    To draw grid images on the screen

    I want to create grid images on the screens and I want to put some functionalities over them...like when i click on one of the grid image another view appears something like t hat sort. Now I can do that in the menus but nw i want to do that in the screen. Also i don't want to create the mbm file for the images because i have to parse those images from an xml and put them on the screen as grid view. Any sample or suggetsion will be a great help to me.

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    Re: To draw grid images on the screen

    Create a grid, create an icons array, add images to it at runtime and after that set icons array to grid. Like this:
    void MyContainer::AddGridIconsL()
        CArrayPtr<CGulIcon*> iconArray = new( ELeave ) CAknIconArray( 1 );
        /* Read images and append them to iconArray */
        iGrid->ItemDrawer()->ColumnData()->SetIconArray( iconArray );
    Also this article might be helpful - Grids API: Using Grids API

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