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    Problem running applications created in QT for S60 in the emulator WINSCW

    Dear all,

    I am currently experiencing some problems with Carbride 2.0, QT S60 Tower, and the 3rd edition FP1 SDK.

    I followed the instruction for configuring and installing QT and I can get the applications to build for the Emulator Target (WINSCW), however the emulator will not start automatically.

    If then I browse the application from the emulator and I try to launch it I
    get the following error message:

    System Error (-2)

    It seems to be a problem of configuration, but I litterally followed the instructions and installed all the patches.

    I configured QT using
    configure -platform win32-mwc -xplatform symbian-abld
    and I built it using
    make debug-winscw

    I could get everything running on a different machine running XP but not on this one, which is also running Windows XP.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Problem running applications created in QT for S60 in the emulator WINSCW

    Might be missing some resource. what is your app?? Simple helloworld application is working?

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