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    How to Handle Settings after slecetion

    Hi all,

    Now less say you have an application with settings and there in settings you can select what service you want to have. ok when you select one button from the ui of setting it has pop up enumerated text to choose say text1, text2, text3,... now how to handle this selection programmitically. Say if you select text1 then the APP should do something but then how to link this enumrated text1 to its fuctionality. We know if we have some enum {Et, Ey, Ez}; then we can use simply switch statement inthe HandleCommand method but this case we have say enum "Et" in settings with title "What you want to do " when click it you get text1, text2, text3 as popup then how to handle text1(Which is enumerated text) to its functionality. Please help!!!Urget Thanks.
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    Re: How to Handle Settings after slecetion

    i think you must be getting the indexes of the enumerated itens you click, for e.g. if you chose 2nd enumerated item from a list then its index is 1 and this index is getting into some variable of which you must be having access.So just use that variable.

    void YourSettingList::EditItemL (TInt aIndex, TBool aCalledFromMenu)

    if (var==1)

    //do something here

    var is integer variable in which you must be getting the index of enumerated item which you select from list

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    Re: How to Handle Settings after slecetion

    One thread per query is usually enough. Please avoid multiposting. Refer to http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=175163

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