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    CreateWindowL doubts

    I am bit confused about createwindowL function

    protected: IMPORT_C void CreateWindowL();

    protected: IMPORT_C void CreateWindowL(const CCoeControl *aParent);

    what is the exact different between this two functions, when to use which function.

    SDK says, The control's window is created as a child of the parent control's window.

    But I want to know how this effects on a project ? Will by passing parent window reduces memory load or processing overhead ?

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    Re: CreateWindowL doubts


    "Window hierarchy"

    Every application has a default Window Group, the CCoeEnv::RootWin(), work as its "top window" (actually Window Group is invisible and is only used as a way to organize windows).

    The CCoeControl::CreateWindowL() will set the CCoeEnv::RootWin() as its parent window, and CreateWindowL(const CCoeControl *aParent) will set the aParent's window as its parent window (but if aParent is not a window-owning control the RootWin() will be used).


    Ziteng Chen

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