According to the device specs, some smartphones, e.g. Series 60 3rd Edition FP 2, already implement parts of JSR 177 (SATSA PKI and CRYPTO).

However, there is no indication how this API can be used with real SSCD support.
Following the JSR specs, smartcards that implement the (U)SIM toolkit application or the Java Card API, are suitable devices for being used by SATSA PKI, e.g. for (non-repudiation) signing.

I'd like to know, whether Nokia can supply some concrete information about suitable devices, which are at the same time recognized as security elements of JSR 177 and as security modules of the physical Nokia device.

E.g. I would like to develop PKI-related applications on a N85. My provider (Vodaphone) does not supply a SIM card, which is also a suitable device in the above-cited sense.

So I would like to use a dual sim adapter for being able to add an additional smartcard as an SSCD if only somebody could tell me concrete facts about technical support, smartcard manufactorers and/or eventually accredited certifcation providers, which can already supply suitable SIM cards with qualified certifcates and corresponding signing keys that fit the outlined requirements.