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    Differences between emulators & phones

    Hi there;

    I'm trying to work out how best to debug a problem where the Nokia-supplied emulators behave differently to the real phones. I'm trying to show a game to a client for testing which has a couple of menus before launching into the game proper, which is an extension of FullCanvas with various images, lines and text all over it. On the emulator it works as expected, but the 3410 gives me a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException when transitioning to the game screen and the 7650 just seems to ignore the request to go into the game (presumably silently throwing the same exception somewhere). Is there any way of getting a backtrace or some more helpful debugging information from the phones, or should I try a different emulator? I've tried both the Linux distributions of the Series 30 and Series 60 emulators which both run the game as expected.

    Any tips would be appreciated.


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    3410 and 7650 belong to different series. 3410 is series 30, while 7650 is series 60.

    In my opinion, you'd better to choose proper emulator according to your target phone. And make sure your MIDlet device-independent, if you want it to fit different devices.

    Steven Chang

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