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    Setup emulator for S60 development with Python


    I a newbie on S60 development.
    I have a question about the Emulator installation.

    First I installed NokiaN97 SDK
    and after I installed S60 SDK 3rd edition FP2
    Finally I installed PythonForS60_1.9.6_Setup.exe, which I understood is the plug-in for Python S60 devices.

    Now I can launch both emulators but I don't know if I need to do something else to start running scripts on emulator.

    According to a video downloaded from E-learning section on Forum Nokia I have to replace some "epoc" folder on device emulator but I cannot find that directories from .zip file they said.

    I hope you can help me with this issue !!

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Setup emulator for S60 development with Python


    All you have to do to install PyS60 on the emulator is download its SDK (Python_1.9.6_3rdFP2_SDK_with_OpenC.zip) and extract it to the emulator's installation directory (by default C:\S60\devices\Nokia_N97_SDK_v1.0 and similar). This will place all the required files where they need to be. You will then find Python in the emulator's menu.

    PythonForS60_1.9.6_Setup.exe installs the documentation and the Application Packager (for making sis files out of scripts) and gives you the PyS60 installation files for phones (the sis files, known as dependencies).

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    Re: Setup emulator for S60 development with Python

    Thanks very much, bogdan.galiceanu I will try copying those files.


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