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    Question Widget's style controlled by c++ code.


    First issue:

    According to this source Home Screen Publishing API: Appendix A: Widget templates there is no way to edit layout of widget template.
    You can use only above described widget templates. Furthermore, you can use wideimage template as a generic template for your own layouts.
    I must ask. Is there any chance to edit style ( colors, font ) of those templates ? For example:

    widget.setItem( "text.text_box", "...CSS..."");
    Second issue:

    I created a list box ( CAknDoubleStyleListBox ) using eclipse designer. I need to draw rows with different font colours. For example: first_row.font_color = KRgbRed; second_row.font_color = KRgbBLue; .... Build-in ItemDrawer can't do that (?). Is there any way to attach own ItemDrawer ? I can't just override CAknDoubleStyleListBox::CreateItemDrawerL();
    because of designer.

    I'm using "Nokia_N97_SDK_v0.5".

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    Re: Widget's style controlled by c++ code.

    C++ is really different to HTML, so there is no easy way on changing the layouts of Visual appearance for native components, anyway, you could search and find quite a lot of information on previous attempts (which I believe some were successfull) from this forum, thus I would try searching, anyway gotta admit it is not easy to change the listboxes..

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