some question to you:
1) I want to display a background graphics and a sprite image over it using MIDP 1.0. which method have I to use?
2) I lernt how to animate the sprite image. it simple can be moved over the screen, but how can I put a limit to the sprite position so it can't go in a nondisplayable area?
I tried to use getWidth and getHight with bad resoult.
is there a standard procedure to do that?
3) in gaming is very important the joypad.I used getKeyCode() to know if a key is pressed (left,fire,up etc...).but there is a frustrating limitation in that: I need 2 instance from a key:when it is pressed(and still pressed "ON"), and when it become not pressed"OFF".
somenthing like the midi message: when I press a key on the keyboard the generated midi message will be :note on,note off.
why I need this? if a player want to move the sprite to the left he press the left button on the device, that move the sprite one unit to the left. but if the player keep the left button pressed the sprite move again one unit to the left instead of more unit to the left basing on the pressing time.am I wrong?

(sorry for my english)hope someone can help me.