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    Splash Screen Problem??

    hi there,
    i m want to add a splah screen at the application start up and then the normal application afterwards. i have used the code from this link
    but now the problem is when it splash on screen and start up screen afterwards it doesnt clear the image from the status pan.
    i m using view switching architecture... here is the start up code... any suggestion help plz
    void CbmiAppUi::ConstructL()
    	iMyView = CSimpleSplashScreen::NewL();
    	iWelcomeScreenView = CWelcomeScreenView::NewL();
            AddViewL( iWelcomeScreenView );
            iUnitSelectView = CUnitSelectView::NewL();
    	AddViewL( iUnitSelectView );
    	 iAppView1 = CMultiViewsView1::NewL();
    	 SetDefaultViewL( *iWelcomeScreenView );

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    Re: Splash Screen Problem??

    the CSimpleSplashScreen is not a view, it is a CCoeControl based container, so eihet you need to add it to a view, or use it as a container..

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