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    XHTML page does not display (N3650 with sw2.48)


    I'm attempting to develop a simple Chinese XHTML site using UTF-8 encoding, testing on a Nokia 3650 with software version 2.48

    I am experiencing a rather curious (and possibly simple to solve) problem in that when I attempt to access the site via a GPRS connection, the browser loading icon spins for a while, and then stops. I am *still* left at the Bookmarks screen and nothing happens. I can successfully access other XHTML sites using the same GPRS connection settings.

    When I try to access the same URL using MSIE browser, it displays OK.

    I am having the web server administrator check the error logs. In the meantime, can anyone suggest how i might go about tracking the source of the problem?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Can you do some following testing?

    1. access this "problem page" with Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit and N7210 Simulator.

    2. replace this "problem page" with another xhtml page, which just display "hello world!" only, test it with N3650 phone and
    Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit with 7210 Simulator.

    zheng wei
    Forum Nokia

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