i received the mail from Ovi Store Publisher Support Team,but i don't know what can i do? why ? the register €50 had not refund.



Your publisher accounts in the Ovi Store have been disabled and any
media submitted will not progress through processing.

Common reasons include:
- You have requested your publisher account to be disabled and agreements to be
terminated from the Ovi Store.
- Inconsistencies in the registration data were found.
- Media that was submitted was in violation of the guidelines for acceptable
content as specified in the Terms and Conditions.
- Historically there have been issues with the media that has been
submitted, such as it not working as specified or excessive care requests.
- We have received notice of potential Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
infringements with regards to the media you have submitted.

If you have questions or need any further information,
email PublishToOvi.Support@nokia.com


Ovi Store Publisher Support Team, https://publish.ovi.com/