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Thread: Audio Streaming

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    Audio Streaming


    I am an old developer but new in here .

    Is there any way, using AT commands, to originate calls and redirect the audio stream to a PC to be able to establish full duplex conversation using PC microphone and speaker.

    Searching the web I found a hands-free-profile technical specification but I want to do it using USB serial cable and about this, i found nothing.

    I own a Nokia N80 phone.

    Could you please point me to the right direction or let me know if this is possible or not.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Audio Streaming

    search for "AT Commands" in the Wiki, there is a lot of information there


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    Re: Audio Streaming

    Thank you.

    I already searched and I was able to originate the call with atd<number>;. Apparently there is no AT specification to redirect audio stream. I hope I am wrong.

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